The future of the Royal Victoria

A vision for Montreal


At the base of Montreal’s namesake mountain, just north of McGill University, rests the Royal Victoria Hospital. This stunning site, with its proud history and important architectural heritage, is deeply linked with both Montreal’s past and its future.


The Royal Victoria Hospital has served the citizens of Quebec since it opened its doors in 1893. In addition to providing world-class health care as a McGill-affiliated hospital, it has long been an iconic Montreal landmark.


Occupying approximately 35 acres on the southeast slope of Mount Royal, and including numerous heritage buildings, the Royal Victoria Hospital site is a natural and architectural jewel—unique and irreplaceable.


In 2015, the hospital functions of the Royal Victoria moved to the Glen Campus of the McGill University Health Centre. The now-vacant Royal Victoria site will need to be reimagined, preserving the best of its legacy while embracing a modern future. McGill University, right next door and in need of space to grow, has a vision for this future.




McGill University proposes a future for the Royal Victoria site that will preserve its public purpose, its architectural value, and its stunning natural setting. We envision a site that will connect Mount Royal to Montreal and Montreal to the world, enhancing its position as a ville du savoir. This project will dramatically expand greenspace, increase access to Mount Royal from downtown, open the skyline, and protect heritage buildings while creating new, modern spaces for learning and gathering.

This project will also benefit McGill. The University is hemmed in by downtown and Mount Royal, in desperate need of space to meet our evolving needs. A project at the Royal Victoria site will increase McGill’s available space by dramatically giving us room to fulfill our mission over the long-term.

The future of McGill University and the future of the Royal Victoria site are inextricably linked. More than natural partners, they are mutual solutions to each other’s challenges.

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Looking forward

Montreal is already the envy of many cities. Its natural beauty, its one-of-a-kind architecture, its world-class universities, and its combination of youthful energy and deep tradition are all ingredients for its future success. This project will unite these factors, building on both strengths and symbols, to create a future worthy of our highest aspirations.

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February 16, 2016:

McGill University is running out of space for its facilities, and is seeking to expand its campus within the downtown Montreal core. The university hopes to renovate the former Royal Victoria Hospital to create an innovative addition to their campus while providing a rich and dynamic atmosphere to its students.

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November 23, 2015:

The future of the Royal Victoria Hospital postponed
The inter-ministerial committee responsible for deciding the fate of the Royal Victoria Hospital has postponed its work this fall, awaiting the results of a feasibility study that will determine whether the institution will be integrated as part of McGill University.

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October 7, 2015:

With the recent announcement that the Quebec government will share with McGill the cost of feasibility studies into the future of the now-vacant Royal Victoria Hospital site, Principal Suzanne Fortier has created a Principal’s Task Force on the Academic Vision and Mission of the RVH Site.

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September 24, 2015:

McGill University is delighted to announce that the project to transform the site currently occupied by the Royal Victoria Hospital has taken another important step forward.

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